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#4 Power To Micro-Business Owners

Doesn’t it paralyse you that you have the potential to create a fantastic business but not the means…yet.

Just like a car, you know what you’d love to drive but currently, you have to settle for much less.

The engine misfires, the suspension is shot, the headlights are dull and some dials on the dashboard are stuck.

You’re not even sure how it got through the MOT.

Still, it is a car and it runs; sometimes.

The car you would love is way beyond your price range and currently you can just manage to keep this one fuelled. Even then, you’re working flat out, 80 hour weeks to keep that car on the road. 

Of course, you are already stressing about it getting through the next years MOT because you’re convinced it will fail. In the meantime, you wake up each day dreading the next things to break down.

Wouldn’t you love a team that could fix the faults, stop it limping along. A team that could make the engine purr, fix the suspension, repair the lights and the dashboard.

A dream right?

You have no budget so where are you going to find that? There is a solution.

You are describing a Mastermind. Your own crew of mechanics.

Your business is the vehicle you have chosen to take you out of the traffic jam of Hussletown and its congested streets to the beautiful city of Prosperity, with its wide boulevards and avenues.

In his book “Think and Grow Rich, Hill described the Mastermind principle as,

“The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony…no two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind”, also known as, the Mastermind.

Napoleon Hill

It is an incredibly powerful process, that has proven to produce amazing results. But Tammy has taken this principle, improved it further and made it VERY affordable. Designed for you.

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She assesses each member of the team personally to ensure they are:

  • High Calibre.
  • Trustworthy.
  • Dependable.
  • Committed.
  • Have an excellent skill set.
  • And are not burdened by their own ego.

Each Mastermind will have the functions necessary to help you build that highly-successful business. Such as Accountancy, Operations, Legal, Automation, Marketing, HR and Business Mindset Coaching.

These are the mechanics that service, repair and upgrade your vehicle.

In exchange, you contribute your skill to help the other members to keep their car in perfect condition.

Each Yellow Mastermind brings you POWER:

Productivity and Energy

  • You have a team working with you on your business. This brings its own energy that flows through you, enabling you to become more confident and productive. You will achieve more collectively than you could on your own.

Outstanding Direction and Focus

  • More than just a network, the Mastermind focuses on your business. You will become crystal clear on the direction you need to take to grow faster, more methodically and efficiently.

Wealth-building Brainstorming

  • A fascinating phenomenon is created when multiple minds come together to generate ideas for a common goal. A new Master Mind comes alive that generates a higher level of thinking and awareness, that brings new insights to solve existing challenges.

Exceptional Coaching for Personal and Business Growth

  • The members in the small Mastermind group not only support your business growth but also your personal growth. Your business will never outgrow the level of thinking that you bring to it. If you don’t grow, nor will your business.

Results driven Accountability

  • Many times, collaborative projects are born in the Mastermind. New ventures, new services, new products and new income streams. The Mastermind exists to create sustainable success for all its members.
  • More confidence as you see your business grow successfully and sustainably.
  • Free up more time to enjoy your work and your life.
  • Save the investment it would have cost you to have this team.

Each person offers a 2 hours skill swap so they can focus on their ‘area of genius’. This reduces any overworking and as no-one is in competition, everyone is working for the common good of helping each other create their dream business.

No longer will you be facing those 80 hour work weeks because Tammy’s goal is for you to create that strong, sturdy growth that ultimately brings you freedom in your business. Not to be one of the 8 out of 10 failures in the small business sector.

Can I afford the time and the money?

The stock answer is “can you afford not to be?”

But let me go deeper than that.

No business owner can be successful without spending time working on their business. You can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame.

The problem is, wherever you work, there are distractions, people clamouring for your attention and probably hundreds of reminders of unfinished tasks that need completing.

Working this way is a recipe for disaster and the market is littered with those.

You must spend focused time, away from distractions, with like-minded people who want to support you, to help you create your dream business. 

This is not like any network. These people have been hand-picked so you know you can delegate with ease and trust.

As for the money? You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable this is for you.

Why should I do this now?

Because now is the time for growth. 

As Jim Rohn explained, in business just as in life, after every Winter there is a Spring. 

The world has just witnessed a devastating Winter. 

Now the signs of Spring are here, take advantage and apply now to start the assessment process of your suitability

Unleash your POWER now.

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