Want to grow your team but don’t have payroll? Want to make changes but don’t have all the answers?

Be part of a meaningful group of like-minded, non-competing experts to build a working relationship that boosts everyone's potential.

No one mentions you have to work 80+ hour weeks to run a business

As a micro-business owner, you wear many hats in building your venture, spending hours figuring out processes and strategies to grow your company

The result: fatigue, loss of direction and focus. But success only comes when you work on the business

You can’t see the big picture when you’re in the frame

Outsourcing accountancy, legal, copywriting, automation, marketing, HR and business mindset coaching: it’s all costly, but it’s vital if you want to build and implement new strategies

Wouldn’t you love a team to help you solve your problems, to focus your mind and generate massive results? You are describing The Yellow Mastermind

The Yellow Mastermind curates a team of 6 micro-business owners, who build a working relationship and share their knowledge and skills, regularly each month

This peer support builds sustained success and confident growth


Being part of The Yellow Mastermind naturally comes with other benefits, too:


Powered by an easily accessible dashboard, you’ll feel inspired and empowered to take the necessary action.


A team working on your business​. You will achieve more collectively than you could on your own. This brings its own energy that flows through you, enabling you to become more confident and productive.


More than a network, the Mastermind focuses on your business​. No longer wasting time getting it wrong, the strategy software and team skills sharings mean you’ll get it right sooner.

Problem Solving

A fascinating phenomenon is created when multiple minds come together to generate ideas for a common goal. A new Master Mind comes alive that generates a higher level of thinking and awareness, that brings new insights to solve existing challenges.

Personal Growth

Your business will never outgrow the level of thinking that you bring to it. If you don’t grow, nor will your business​.


Many times, collaborative projects are born in the Mastermind. New ventures, new services, new products and new income streams. The Mastermind exists to create sustainable success for all its members.

Get out of the Micro-Business overwhelm and into a Small Business Enterprise

program built for growth

How does it work?

We craft your team around the common goals of each business owner. Maybe those goals are building an online business, franchising, engaging with ideal clients, etc. 

After careful consideration, we curate a team of 6 that leverages all skill sets and fulfils all requirements. You’ll be in a complete team incorporating finance, marketing and operations – all fundamental in any business-growth journey

We assess each member of the team, so you’ll work with excellent people:

  • High Calibre
  • Trustworthy
  • Dependable
  • Committed
  • Have an excellent skillset
  • And are not burdened by their ego

Each Yellow Mastermind has all the functions necessary to build your highly successful business.

You contribute your skill to other members to help their business grow in exchange.

This grouping of like-minded individuals works together on a 12-month business-growth journey to achieve everyone’s common goals.

the skill exchange

Anna the Accountant

Anna loves numbers and spreadsheets. It takes Anna 2 hours to complete the financial reports each month for her business. Her databases, tools and systems helps her keep her finances healthy. Anna hates having to design her social media posts: designing the imagery, writing the content and posting them on each platform. She watches 3 hours of YouTube videos each month, pays monthly for Canva, Hoostuite and LinkedIn premium. A lot of the time Anna is embarrassed by typos and poor design. It puts clients off.

Anna the Accountant

Anna works on Steve’s accounts every month for 2 hours. She gathers all the expenses, sets up a Xero account, delivers monthly performance reports and makes recommendations for long-term decisions. Anna just needs 2 hours set up in month one, after which, she can easily generate his reports and keep on top of his finances in 90 minutes a month. The other 30 minutes they use in a recommendation session. This totals 2 hours each month. During the Mastermind sessions, Steve asks Anna about a tax increase for a new revenue stream. Anna is able to support Steve’s decision making before he makes a commitment and uses the 2-hour skill swap. Problem: Steve still needs his monthly report. Solution: Anna invoices Steve for 2 hours’ work, which is more cost effective than hiring an ad-hoc accountant as Anna already knows Steve’s business.

Steve the Social Media Guru

Steve loves learning about the algorithms on each social media platform and designing the content for each audiences. He has all the tools to make impactful content, far more than the average business owner. He has a great process in place and can produce a year of content in 10 hours. Steve hates finance. He would rather poke his own eye than learn about profit and loss. He avoids the numbers often. He has no idea about money saving options or the grants he can tap to grow. Steve stresses about money every single day and it keeps him awake at night.

Steve the Social Media Guru

Steve works on Anna's social media plan. He can see Anna doesn't know who her ideal clients are, where they are and how to market effectively. Steve develops a detailed 3-month marketing plan to get Anna off the ground. It takes him 6 hours of research, strategising and planning. That’s the same as 2 hours per month for the first 3 months. At the end of the phase, Steve uses his slick process to build and schedule the next 9 months’ content. This takes him 7.5 hours. Steve know that posting is great, but if you’re not engaging, you’re not building relationships. Steve allocates 1 hour and 10 minutes each month to engage with Anna's audience. Over the next 9 months, Steve spreads out his 2 hours of monthly service, doing more work some months than others.

The Power of Expanding Your Team

The fundamentals of business are incredibly powerful, but it’s too easy to dismiss them out of fear, lack of time or lack of understanding of all the strategies.

  • What is a business without clients?
  • What is a business without systems and processes to serve the clients?
  • What is a business without money?

Can you see why this is a problem?

The videos below will broaden your thinking and help you work out what bits of business you dislike or avoid.

Knowing this could be the difference between success and failure.

made with you in mind

what to expect

Business Growth

Each month for a 4-hour session, you’ll meet to brainstorm and discuss business challenges, share recommendations and solutions to challenges and work on moving each member forward.

The benefit

Each member gets the opportunity to be in The Growth Chair for 20 minutes. This is where the magic happens. You’ll leave the meeting with a clear and actionable plan to add to your online software planner to keep you focused.

Skill Exchange

As well as the monthly meet-up, you’ll be part of a 2-hour skill exchange with the other members, every month

The benefit

Gone are the days of spending hours learning to wear all the hats. This groundbreaking approach focuses on your area of genius, so you can enjoy what you do best, whilst the rest of your team executes your actions.

Business Training

Once every quarter, you’ll join a business training session on Sales & Marketing, Infrastructure to Scale, Financial Growth, Effective Teams - designed to power you up and prepare you for the end of the 12-month program.

The benefit

You will receive in-depth training from external experts, so you can stop attending those sales-led workshops claiming to have the “3 steps to being a millionaire”. You save a heap of time from being glued to YouTube or joining unnecessary courses

Personal Development Coaching

When you grow, so will your business. Each month for up to 30 minutes, you will receive a one-to-one coaching with your host – cultivate a forward-thinking mindset, take courageous leaps and be more productive

The benefit

Delivered by the host, these sessions, available either via virtual calls or short voice notes, will provide a real opportunity to remove mindset blocks, barriers to growth and keep you on track to achieve your business and personal goals.

Strategy Made Simple

we’ve made strategy simple so you can plan faster and get to growth sooner. You’ll be guided step-by-step with simple tools and real-business examples to craft your ideas and develop your plan.

The benefit

Through integrations and automation, everything is easier and faster. Visuals are generated, dashboards effortlessly populated, reports scheduled and distributed, reminders and notifications sent. No more chasing, report writing, or searching for data…. just a smooth journey to success.


Start-ups are designed to fail, but entrepreneurs are not. We teach you to be a daring entrepreneur. We help you start your next chapter in business by creating your team. Even after the journey ends, we’re by your side in your future growth and success.

The benefit

We care for your transition from micro-business to a small business enterprise. Additional tools and support services are made available to continue the exponential growth.


You will pay a £150 deposit to secure your place which is refundable at the end of the program


£ 150
Per user, per month
  • Business Growth Session
  • Workbook
  • 3 Month Terms
  • Accountability Check-In


£ 150
Per user, per month
  • Business Growth Session
  • Strategy Software
  • Skill Exchange
  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Accountability Check-In
  • Business Training
  • 12 Month Term


£ 52
50 Per month
  • Diary Detox Setup
  • 90-Minute Coaching Each Month
  • Diary Detox App
  • Diary Detox book
The Future of Micro-Business Owners

Be ahead of the curve and discover the future of micro-business success!

Download the free PDF to discover the challenges micro-business owners face and how they overcome them to grow their businesses. 

The Future of Micro-Business Owners

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I loved Tammy's approach as it was clearly thought out and made sure it didn't make people feel threatened. Quite the opposite when receiving the advice. Tammy followed this up by holding you accountable and with a structure that gave you the support you needed.

Nicola Richardson

The People Mentor

Watch the video testimonial here (coming soon)

Aaron Geis

Aaron Geis Photography

James Brown

Epic, Founder

Being with other business owners has helped me get clarity on my business goals. Sometimes I need the extra accountability before tackling the next project.

Helen Pinkett

Energy Healer

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The fundamentals of business are incredibly powerful, but it’s too easy to dismiss them out of fear, lack of time or lack of understanding of all the strategies.

What is a business without clients?

What is a business without systems and processes to serve the clients?

What is a business without money?

Can you see why this is a problem? You must have a diverse team in order to manage growth. This includes finance, operations and marketing as a minimum. Each with specialist. 

Knowing this could be the difference between success and failure.

Masterminds are a proven model that lead to success, but the challenge of time, money and know-how can be overwhelming if you’re a passionate business owner, and that can stop you taking the massive leaps you need to grow.

Usually, mastermind groups curate an action plan for growth, which is great, but by having a team to help execute the actions, while you focus on your area of expertise, levels-up this concept. This is where the magic truly happens.

Bonus: you’ll grow your business and have time to enjoy life’s pleasures without heavy financial investment.

It is rare to get in-depth one-on-one support from networking groups as they tend to be large and with little wriggle room for sharing challenges in an open and honest environment. They’re also not great for bouncing inspiring ideas around the room and creating an action plan.

You might leave your networking groups with a few new contacts, potential referrals and some inspiration, but no action or accountability.

If you’re overworked and battling the pain of wearing all hats, think about how much time you spend on building your business, doing the bits you dislike and trying to be an expert at everything.

Or worse: you’re avoiding the parts you don’t like.

Running a business alone will get you so far, by having a team, you can share the workload and be inspired to grow.

The clear answer: can you afford not to?

But let me go deeper.

Your business will only be successful if you work on it.

The problem is, wherever you work, there are distractions, people clamouring for your attention and probably hundreds of reminders of unfinished tasks that need completing.

Working this way is a recipe for disaster, and the market is littered with those.

You must spend focused time, away from distractions, with likeminded people who want to support you, to help you create your dream business.

This is not like any network. We hand-pick your team so you know you can delegate with confidence, ease and trust.

As for the money? You’re not going to believe how affordable this is for you.

You can keep doing what you’re doing and hope you survive, or you can surround yourself with high-achievers who have a mindset that defies the odds and pushes boundaries.

If you struggle with the tired methods of trial and error and lack a 360 view of business, you’ll never find the right tools and techniques to implement advanced strategies and tactics. You’ll join the majority of entrepreneurs and business owners who get stuck in a rut, lost and fall into a pit of despair. You’ll give up on your dream and head back to daily slog of office work in a career you dread.

Or you can be a leader.

Leaders boldly step-up by learning new strategies. They learn from others and find lessons in the challenges life throws at them.

  • Who do you spend the most time with?
  • What mannerism are you mimicking from your group average?
  • Is your current method going to deliver the results?
  • What is the impact of inaction on your personal development?
  • What impact does this have on your business?
  • How does this affect your way of living?

Speak with our friendly UK team. Schedule a no obligation call here https://1.gotoyellow.co.uk/mastermind-consultation

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